Service and Support

In many cases Deltenna’s standard products are exactly what our customers are looking for, but at other times a customer may need something slightly different, or even a completely custom product that utilizes our deep understanding and experience of radio and antenna design. In these cases, our services and support organization is there to help.

Just as one size rarely fits all, there are different ways we can work together to support your specific objectives:

  • Product development
    Deltenna may develop or modify a product to meet your requirements and then make it generally available.
  • Fixed price
    Deltenna work with you to scope a program and agree deliverables and then agree a fixed price for the development.
  • Cost plus
    Resources committed to a program and charged at a standard rate.

The process typically starts by capturing your requirements before completing a full proposal. Once agreed, we submit a formal bid and when this is accepted we are ready to begin work. Our goal is to let your engineers get on with their work, while we work on the next generation technology to help them.



Radio system design
Antenna integration
Antenna performance analysis



RF front-end module for a 3G picocell base station
5.8GHz switched beam antenna
Remote sensor for wireless telemetry on boats



Radio System Design

Our expertise in RF and baseband design means that entire radio solutions from the modem to the antenna can be developed. When combined with a strong systems knowledge and deep understanding of the standards and frequency bands, it can be done quickly and cost effectively.

We rely on integrated tools to help us to go smoothly from initial concepts through simulation and analysis to full implementation. These include schematic entry, simulation of linear and non-linear circuits, electromagnetic analysis and printed circuit board layout.


  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11) and WiMAX (IEEE 802.16)
  • 400MHz to 6GHz
  • Small-signal RF up to 20W average UMTS power
  • Compact single-sided boards
  • Drop-in design cells with verified performance designed with the customer’s tools and delivered as a schematic and layout
  • CPRI and OBSAI standard interfaces
  • Antenna arrays (beamforming, MIMO)
  • Distributed filtering to meet stringent RF specifications


  • Integrated penta-band tri-standard radio
  • RF front-end module for a 3G picocell base station
  • Femtocell architecture development


Antenna Integration

All too often antennas are treated as passive components that are separate to the main radio. At Deltenna, we have the detailed RF systems and antenna expertise to fully integrate the antenna into the design. The end result is usually simpler, smaller and less expensive.

Our tools enable full 3D electromagnetic modeling of high frequency designs.


  • Dielectric Resonator antennas
  • Aperture coupled patches
  • Remote radio units


  • Switched beam antenna for a mesh network
  • Remote sensor for wireless telemetry on boats


Antenna Performance Analysis

Whatever testing is done in the lab, the ultimate performance of an integrated radio and antenna depends on its surroundings when deployed. Do the signals propagate as expected and how might they affect nearby electronic equipment?
Deltenna uses tools for the Far-field Analysis of Integrated Structures (FAIS). The system uses powerful and accurate 64-bit numerical analysis running on large multi-processor computers. These enable the 3D electromagnetic modeling of structures at high frequencies from airplanes to mobile handsets. Advanced cell-reduction techniques enable radiating structures to be easily optimized and integrated.


  • Far-field patterns and EM exposure can be accurately modeled
  • Antenna de-tuning can be precisely simulated and corrections made
  • Propagation tools and models can be modified using data generated from a virtual environment


  • Complete car with mobile phone and GPS antenna in different locations for optimum placement
  • Femtocell home base station in a virtual house to determine the impact on the existing mobile network
  • WiFi hotspots to determine the benefits of advanced antenna techniques such as MIMO



RF front-end module for a 3G picocell base station

Objectives To meet all of the 3GPP Release 6 RF specifications with margin, delivering an average output power of 350mW (peak-to-average ratio of 8dB) on a single module.
Challenge Meeting the tough blocking requirements with a module that must not exceed 30.5mm by 25mm by 6.85mm.
Results Deltenna designed and debugged the complete module, also providing the test specification, datasheet and application note. We specified ceramic filters for use in distributed filter architecture to meet size, cost and performance requirements.
Client The module was developed in partnership with CTS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of RF components and modules.

5.8 GHz Switched beam antenna for a Mesh network

Objectives To design and develop a 360° 16-beam antenna for operation at 5.8GHz in a Mesh network field trial. The signals must be assignable to any beam.
Challenge The design needed to be simple, low-cost and compact.
Results A cube design was developed, with a 4×2 array of low-cost dielectric resonator antenna elements on each of four faces. The internal circuitry included a Butler Matrix to switch between beams and used no connectors to the antenna elements, ensuring low-cost and minimal signal loss. Over 100 of the antennas were deployed in a successful field trial during 2003.
Client Radiant Networks, a UK-based company developing wireless Mesh networks for last-mile applications.

Remote sensor for wireless telemetry on boats

Objectives To design and develop a wireless telemetry module for recording and transmitting wind speed on a yacht. This included an integrated antenna and wireless data modem for use in the ISM band.
Challenge Meeting the tight mechanical constraints and integrating a cross-polar antenna to mitigate multipath effects.
Results The sensor module is deployed on yachts around the world.
Client Tacktick is a UK-based company that develops innovative solar powered wireless instruments for the marine market.