Frequency Re-Branders

Re-BanderThe Deltenna Frequency Re-bander enables the testing of base station equipment operating in bands other than UMTS Band I by re-banding the 1920-1980MHz uplink (UL) and 2110-2170MHz downlink (DL) to another operating band.

A fully duplexed UL/DL path allows interfacing directly to the primary antenna port of a widely available Band I test mobile or TEMS™. A second DL path allows testing of DL MIMO.

The Frequency Re-bander is being used extensively in testing and trials of LTE





  • Testing of base station equipment in existing and emerging bands with Band I equipment
  • Testing MIMO networks
  • Mobile field trials

Features and Benefits

  • Transmit representative UL power levels with +20dBm linear output power for all standards
  • Low down-link noise figure of 5dB
  • Front- and back-end filtering on all paths improves out-of-band performance
  • High stability crystal reference gives ±0.1ppm frequency stability
  • Auto frequency programming on power-up for ease of use
  • Portable 8.3″ x 8.0″ x 1.75″ (1U) size
  • Mains or low voltage power supply for ease of use

Frequency bands covered by basic models:



UL Frequencies

UE Transmit/Node B Receive

DL frequencies

UE Receive/Node B Transmit

I 1920 – 1980 MHz 2110 -2170 MHz  B
II 1850 -1910 MHz 1930 -1990 MHz  B
III 1710-1785 MHz 1805-1880 MHz  B
IV 1710-1755 MHz 2110-2155 MHz  B
V 824 – 849 MHz 869-894 MHz  A
VI 830-840 MHz 875-885 MHz  A
VII 2500-2570 MHz 2620-2690 MHz  B
VIII 880 – 915 MHz 925 – 960 MHz  A
IX 1749.9-1784.9 MHz 1844.9-1879.9 MHz  B
X 1710-1770 MHz 2110-2170 MHz  B
XI 1427.9 – 1452.9 MHz 1475.9 – 1500.9 MHz  B
XII 698 – 716 MHz 728 – 746 MHz  A
XIII 777 – 787 MHz 746 – 756 MHz  A
XIV 788 – 798 MHz 758 – 768 MHz  A


Service and Support

In many cases Deltenna's standard products are exactly what our customers are looking for, but at other times a customer may need something slightly different, or even a completely custom product that utilizes our deep understanding and experience of radio and antenna design. In these cases, our services and support organization is there to help.

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