Deltenna specialize in the design and manufacture of integrated wireless products, incorporating antennas, radios and often baseband solutions. We have two standard ranges of products: rugged antennas and frequency re-banders. Our rugged antennas are small, light and ideal for rapid deployment in emergency situations, and our frequency re-banders enable a Band 1 test mobile to be used for measurements and trials in almost any other cellular band. The WiBE, a unique high-performance 3G router, will launch in June 2010. If you want something slightly different, we can modify our products to meet your requirements or use our world-beating integrated wireless design capability to develop a product to your own specification, which we can manufacture for you or license.

LTE BaseStations

The LTE basestations are compact and flexible eNodeBs capable of serving up to 64 users at download data rate of up to TBCMb/s. With 2x1W transmit power in a compact enclosure, the WhiteWolf is ideal for urban deployments.


Access to the Internet is an everyday part of life, but in many areas ADSL speeds are slow and satellite and fixed broadband wireless solutions are expensive. The WiBE (Wireless Broadband Extender) uses multi-beam antenna technology to extend the range and throughput of a 3G or 4G mobile network.


Deltenna is a world-leader in the field of rugged antennas. The superior performance achieved from our unique high-gain technology has allowed us to develop a range of antennas that cover all common cellular bands. Along with their small size and the use of circular polarization, this gives a "one size fits all" antenna.

Frequency Re-Banders

The Deltenna Frequency Re-bander enables the testing of base station equipment operating in bands other than UMTS Band I by re-banding the 1920-1980MHz uplink (UL) and 2110-2170MHz downlink (DL) to another operating band. Fully duplexed UL/DL path allows interfacing directly to the primary antenna port of a widely available Band I test mobile or TEMS™.


In many cases Deltenna's standard products are exactly what our customers are looking for, but at other times a customer may need something slightly different, or even a completely custom product that utilizes our deep understanding and experience of radio and antenna design. In these cases, our services and support organization is there to help.

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